MOLD is dangerous and can be so small as to fit into pores of a glassy marble countertop. Just finished working with a woman and husband who were deathly ill with mold they couldn’t even see. The woman was so sensitive to it that she could FEEL the VOCs and Carbon dioxide emitted from spore in the pores of a 1 yr new countertop. She said it felt like heat, I felt nothing. BUT… after spraying Hydrogen Peroxide on it and seeing no effects, I zoomed in with my iPhone 6 and took a picture. Then I zoomed THAT and saw tiny white specks everywhere!

Her husband had contracted Aplastic Anemia and the Dr’s couldn’t figure out WHERE he was in contact with VOC so toxic! It was his den! Old massive aquariums had left 2 decades of mold growth in the carpets and woodwork…that you couldn’t see but could easily smell!

An Ozone machine CAN and HAS deactivated Green mold and black mold “for me.” My first test was an asthmatic kid who had green algae/mold growing on his bedroom brick wall from a sprinkler. I put an Ozone machine on high for 20 minutes about 3 feet from the 1 foot diameter growth… he stopped using his inhaler that night and hadn’t used it for 3 weeks afterwards… when I called back… and the dad hadn’t cleaned the growth. His dad NEVER turned the machine back on… according to him.

Ozone CAN kill mold and WILL neutralize VOCs… Plumbers are mandated to use ozone to make sure their potable water plumbing is sanitary to put into use.